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The Future of Cataract Surgery is Here!

Blade-free laser procedure from LenSx®

It’s called a femtosecond laser and it’s an exciting advance in the way doctors treat cataracts. Dr. Sambursky of Sambursky Eye & Esthetic recently became the only surgeon in the region to offer femtosecond laser procedures, using a LenSx ® laser, for cataract patients. “I’m excited to offer the laser assisted cataract surgery because now I can treat patients using a blade-free procedure,” he says. “The procedure now is more automated and the custom guided laser allows for a more precise and accurate surgery that results in better patient outcomes.”

More Precision, More Comfort

“The laser provides an increase in the predictability of visual outcomes and reduces variables which have complicated traditional cataract surgery,” says Dr. Sambursky. With the femtosecond laser tool, the surgeon creates a precise surgical plan using a sophisticated 3-D image to map out an incision in a specific location, depth and length in all planes. The laser then makes the incision accurately, and studies have shown that the laser works better in terms of accuracy and reproducibility, and the laser allows for better centering of the replacement lens as well.


And for the portion of the surgery that removes and breaks down the cataract-affected lens; the LenSx® uses less energy than in traditional cataract surgery, needing less pressure to soften and break down the lens into smaller pieces, reducing the chances of compromising the incision.

This advanced technology is just another example of how Sambursky Eye & Esthetics is constantly striving to embrace the latest technologies to offer patients the best possible outcomes. The new laser cataract procedure offers patients an even better chance at better vision. It’s a game-changer.

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