The team at Sambursky Eye & Esthetics is proud to use their years of practical expertise in eyes and facial structure to provide aesthetic services of all kinds for our patients.

Oculoplastic Surgery

What Is Oculoplastic Surgery?

  • Oculoplastic surgery is a type of procedure that focuses on functionally or esthetically improving the areas around the eyes, such as the eyelids, orbital bones, tear ducts, and other structures.
  • This makes them extremely dynamic, as they can do everything from cosmetic enhancement to repairing orbital fractures to removing eye tumors.
  • These procedures address some of the most delicate parts of your vision system and facial structure — and are best performed by eye doctors and anatomical experts who have the knowledge and skill to perform these sensitive surgeries, like our own Dr. Palombaro.
Dr. Geremie Palombaro

Meet Your Surgeon

Geremie Palombaro, D.O., M.S., FAOCOO-HNS, is a Board Certified and award-winning ophthalmologist, oculoplastic surgeon, and osteopathic physician. His years of experience, starting with his oculoplastic and facial reconstruction fellowship in El Paso, Texas, have granted him tremendous skill in treating the eyes and face, as well as delivering BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM®. Dr. Palombaro boasts an incredible record of successful oculoplastic surgeries — so much so that he has been voted one of the Top 10 Best Plastic Surgeons in New York and Pennsylvania.

Oculoplastic Surgery

Cosmetic Procedures at
Sambursky Eye & Esthetics

Cosmetic surgery can help remove blemishes and correct imperfections in and around the structures of your eyes, and we can personalize these to your face and precisely how you want to look.

Procedures Offered

  • Blepharoplasty: Plastic surgery to eliminate excess skin and bags for a smoother, more youthful look and unobstructed vision
  • Ptosis repair: a surgical procedure to correct drooping eyelids by tightening the small muscles that keeps them raised
  • Eyelid retraction repair: restores eyelids that have come too far away from the eye
  • Entropion repair: surgical correction of eyelids that turn inwards
  • Ectropion repair: surgical correction for eyelids that turn outwards
  • Eyelid lesion removal or biopsy: careful removal of eyelid growths with minimal indication they were ever there
  • Enucleation: if the eye and eyelid need to be removed, we can reconstruct the facial features to restore a more natural appearance
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: this injectable reduces the appearance of fine facial lines and wrinkles, while helping prevent future ones from forming
  • JUVÉDERM® fillers: a dermal filler that replenishes lost volume in the skin to produce a supple, youthful look, and can also plump areas like the lips
  • Eyelid reconstruction following trauma or surgery: restore your eyelids after injury or surgery, with attention to both their appearance and functionality
Oculoplastic Surgery

Non-Surgical Procedures at
Sambursky Eye & Esthetics

Dr. Palombaro offers non-surgical options to help reduce wrinkles, providing you with natural-looking results. He uses his extensive experience with the muscles and bone structure of the face to deliver the dramatic or natural look you want.

Procedures Offered

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: reduce wrinkles and turn back the clock on your face’s natural beauty with these injectables
  • JUVÉDERM®: this injectable is ideal for filling in areas of the face to create a more plump, youthful appearance
  • Tarsorrhaphy: BOTOX® is used for a temporary joining of the upper and lower eyelids to improve corneal epithelial defects

Reconstructive Procedures at Sambursky Eye & Esthetics

Dr. Palombaro and the team at Sambursky Eye & Esthetics can help correct orbital fractures, eyelid lesions, drooping eyelids or brows, and other issues around the eye. Though these surgeries are often categorized as plastic surgeries, they’re also necessary to correct vision obstruction and safeguard your eyesight.

Procedures Offered


This surgery is beneficial for reducing skin and bags around the eyes, enhancing their vision and comfort

Ptosis Repair

Severe cases of this condition, commonly known as a droopy eyelid, can require reconstruction of the eyelid and surrounding area

Eyelid Retraction Repair

Corrects eyelids that are pulled away from the eye

Trichiasis Correction

Removal or realignment of eyelashes that are directed towards the eyeball

Entropion Repair

Inward-turned eyelids can damage the eyes and impair vision, requiring repair and reconstruction

Ectropion Repair

Surgery can be necessary to restore and repair eyelids that turn outwards

Eyelid Lesion Removal or Biopsy

Careful extraction of eyelid growths, to check for malignancy or remove altogether

Eyelid Weight Implantation

Surgical placement of a small weight in the eyelid to allow the eye to properly close when needed

Orbital Tumor Removal

A precision extraction of abnormal tissue growths in the eyes’ surrounding structures


A procedure that joins the upper and lower eyelids to partially or completely close the eye and better protect the cornea

Anatomical Tearing Problems

Repairing issues that prevent normal tear production, including punctual stenosis, canalicular obstruction, and nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Orbital Floor Fracture Repair

Fixes broken bones that make up the bottom of the eye cavity, or orbit


The removal of the entire globe of the eye and its contents, leaving the muscles and lining of the eye, as well as eyelid

Eyelid Reconstruction Following Trauma or Surgery

Repairing the eyelid‘s look and function, often with the aid of skin grafts, after injury or surgery

Correction of Exposed Orbital Implant

Recovering an exposed implant in the soft tissue that helps house the eye


Surgical removal of the contents of the eye, leaving behind the scleral shell and extraocular muscle attachments


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