Corneal Disease Treatment in Johnson City & Binghamton

Man recieving corneal treatment at Sambursky Eye and Esthetics

Corneal problems can happen to anyone at any age. If the cornea is damaged from disease, injury or infection, it can become cloudy or warped. The damaged cornea distorts light as it travels into the eye, affecting your vision. It may even cause pain. The damaged and diseased tissue can be replaced by corneal transplant, one of the oldest, most common and most successful transplant surgeries in all of medicine. During the procedure, part of a cloudy or warped cornea is replaced with a graft from a healthy cornea procured from an eye bank. If the surgery is successful and with proper healing, vision can be greatly improved.

Treating Corneal Disease with Surgery

Corneal surgery is performed by a surgeon using delicate instruments and an operating microscope. The healthy corneal fragment is attached to the patients existing cornea with micro thin nylon sutures. The stitches don’t cause pain, but may result in some scratchiness or irritation for about a week after surgery.

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